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Activité théâtre irlandais des 1ere S1

Par SANDRINE BERHAMEL, publié le mercredi 17 avril 2019 21:11 - Mis à jour le mercredi 2 octobre 2019 23:14

Irish Theatre March 21st

(by the students of 1S1)


At the beginning, before the play, we thought it would be difficult to understand everything, that it would be boring like most of the plays we have seen. Then, when it began, we started to be afraid of the accent because it is very different from the British or American accent, and of some expressions we didn't understand but eventually thanks to their gestures, we understood a lot of things. Moreover, as we had studied some scenes before the show we could understand important details. It wasn't a traditional play because it was interactive and innovative since the actors used the help of some students of the school that chose to perform. What's more, they came into the audience and shared with us. Several actors were playing different roles, and they were so good that sometimes we couldn't make the difference and thought they were different actors. They seemed to really enjoy the moment and they really enjoyed what they were doing as the whole play was very funny. At the end, they gave us their time to answer our questions and they tried to speak French even if it was complicated for them. The characters were really endearing, the play was amazing and we are grateful that we had the chance to see this lovely play.